The Gill Langlois Legacy Fund

Gill Langlois


The legacy fund was set up in memory of Gill Langlois, who was a Compassion Volunteer, and for many years a teacher of young children. 

Gill and Martyn sponsored a number of children, including Amelie in Burkina Faso. The country is poor, and the project that Amelie attended did not have any classrooms.  It was decided that it was a fitting legacy to build some classrooms for Amelie and the children in the project. 

The fund exists to build classrooms in Compassion Projects, where there is a real need.

Our Projects


The initial 2 classrooms have been built in Burkina Faso in Compassion Project BF-309, which were opened in April 2015. This project has 325 Compassion-assisted children.

Due to the generous giving of many people, the legacy fund has continued, and a further 2 classrooms have now been completed in Project BF-685. This project has 317 Compassion-assisted children.

Due to the need for classrooms, the legacy fund will continue providing classooms for the Compassion projects



Compassion is Christ-Centred, Child-Focused, Church based, and Committed to Integrity.

Compassion children are known, loved and protected. Nearly 400 million children across the world live in extreme poverty. You can't solve the the problems for the 400 million, but you can change the life of a child through sponsorship. Through your kindness and support you can help them  get an education, food, healthcare, and the skills to break the cycle of poverty. Most important of all, they'll be taught how much they are loved by Jesus. Do something that matters. Sponsor a child today

Future Plans

It has now been agreed that we will build 3 classrooms in Bo Kaew in Northern Thailand, in a Compassion Project where there is an urgent need for some classrooms. We expect the building work to commence as soon as possible, with the project now being fully funded at a total cost of £12034.57. 

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Be a part of this vision for helping children

100% of the money donated to the Legacy Fund will be used to build classrooms for the children in Compassion projects.

The Legacy Fund is administered by Martyn Langlois, Gill's husband. 

If you wish to donate to the fund please make cheques payable to M E Langlois.

Alternatively you can make payments into the following Lloyds Bank Account :

Account name : Mr M Langlois Re Gills Legacy

Sort Code : 30-93-73

Account No : 19230568

Contact address

Les Orais, Route de Cobo, Castel, Guernsey. GY5 7UR

+44 (0)1481 254866

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Compassion Child Sponsorsip

The work of Compassion is fantastic. They link children living in absolute poverty with a caring sponsor like you.   As a sponsor, you give your child the chance to attend school and a church-based Compassion project. 

At the project, you provide your sponsored child with nutritious food, health check-ups, Biblical teaching and additional life-skills. You give them a safe-haven where they are known, loved and protected. Independent research shows that this programme is life-changing. 

Compared to their peers, Compassion-sponsored children are more likely to stay in school for longer, have salaried jobs and be leaders in their communities and churches.   What's more, through your sponsorship, you'll encourage your child through your letters and prayers. You can make a real difference by helping a child in poverty to believe in themselves. 

They work in 25 countries around the world, helping the children, one at a time, through individual sponsorship, at a cost of 83p per day

Each sponsor gets a great sense of  helping their child through the finance they provide and the letters that they send to / and receive from the child. If you want to be part of this meaningful and life changing work, then sponsor a child yourself. Look up the website :

If you want some help or advice on how to sponsor a child, then contact us

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